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In a Coronavirus world, here’s why New Zealand should move to the top of your bucket list!

· Imagine a country roughly the size of California with only 5 million people

· Lots of wide open space

· Ancient rainforests, glaciers, fiords and golden sand beaches

· Friendly welcoming people

· Considered one of the safest places in the world

· It’s response to mitigating Covid-19 has been world class

If these attributes are as appealing to you as they are to me, here are

10 MORE GREAT REASONS New Zealand should be at the top of your bucket list:

1. Poster child for it’s response to Covid 19

New Zealand has become the poster child for how to deal with Covid-19. Its early lockdown and strict border measures mean it has suppressed the virus to an impressive degree. When New Zealand’s borders finally do open you can be assured it will be an extremely desirable destination.

2. Small Country, few people, lots of wide open space for distancing!

New Zealand’s 5 million+ residents are spread across two islands. 2/3 of the population are in the North Island and 1/3 in the South Island. Being roughly the size of California, it goes without saying, there is a lot of wide open space and few crowds. The roads, particularly in the South Island, can be quiet which make New Zealand the perfect destination for a road trip. If you prefer not to drive, the country is well set up for visitors to move about with ease. And, with a small country come small check-in lines – imagine only having to arrive at the airport 45 minutes before your domestic flight! Read more about Getting Around.

3. The landscapes of the world - in one safe and friendly haven Imagine seeing mountains, glaciers, beaches, fiords, lakes and rainforest all on one trip! The contrasting scenery, all within a relatively small area is what makes New Zealand unique, and it’s friendly welcoming New Zealanders who make it special.

4. Ranked one of the safest places in the world

New Zealand has been and is still considered one of the safest places in the world to visit as Ranked by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection and Travel Pulse Magazine, to name a few. It also scored well in the Global Peace Index.

5. 13 National Parks - Get off the beaten path and into nature

Nearly 30% of New Zealand's land mass is protected from marine reserves to the country's 13 'free' National Parks. You can expect an abundance of well maintained hiking and biking trails to explore. Hiking/Tramping (as Kiwi's call it) throughout New Zealand is the best way to see beautiful landscapes and explore vast wilderness areas. There are a multitude of walks varying in difficulty and length ranging from coastal to alpine environments. Whether it be for a few hours, a day or more - you'll be amazed at how quickly you can get away from it all and find yourself totally immersed in nature.

6. Unique Experiences To name just a few:

  • Watching penguins return from their day at sea

  • Heli hike on a glacier

  • Discover birdlife only found in New Zealand

  • Experiential learning about Maori culture by trying your hand at traditional basket weaving or carving

  • Floating through an underground cave lit by glow worms

  • Visit a Kiwi hatchery

  • Lying in a hammock with a glass of mulled wine learning about the stars of the Southern Sky in some of the clearest skies in the world

  • Watching a farmer and his dogs round up sheep on a high country station

  • Feeding an orphan lamb

  • Going to a local rugby game

  • Sailing on an America's Cup boat

  • Swimming with Dolphins in the open ocean

  • Visit Hobbiton - the worlds only living movie set

  • An overnight cruise on the majestic fiords with time to fish and kayak

  • Eating fish and chips on the beach! (my favorite from growing up there)

7. “Farm to table food ....... everywhere”

A past client was delighted to find a wealth of fresh food throughout the country. New Zealand is blessed with multiple growing seasons, great soil and plenty of land to plant.

With more than 8,700 miles of coastline, New Zealand is also home to some amazing seafood. From green-lipped mussels to oysters, visitors find themselves in seafood heaven. Lamb is one of New Zealand’s top export meats so it’s no surprise a kiwi favorite is roast lamb. An abundance of fresh food also means vegetarians are well catered for. Read more about what our clients have said.

8. No poisonous snakes or animals

New Zealand has no lethally poisonous snakes, scorpions, or spiders, bears, mountain lions or other dangerous animals to worry about. We do however have sandflies. These tiny black flies are a nuisance and do cause small mosquito type bites that can get very itchy. They are particularly bothersome in Fiordland and the West Coast of the South Island. Long sleeves, long pants and bug spray are definitely recommended.

9. Healthcare

New Zealand's public and private medical / hospital facilities provide a high standard of treatment and service (free to residents). All travelers are covered for medical care resulting from accidents that occur while in NZ (eg motor-vehicle accidents or adventure-activity accidents) by the Accident Compensation Corporation ( For non-accident healthcare you will be required to pay. It is therefore highly recommended to purchase Travel Insurance.

10. Flip Flop Seasons – perfect destination to escape Northern Hemisphere Winter When we’re reaching for our sweaters, New Zealanders are putting on their jandels (flip flops) and togs (swimming trunks). With a temperate climate and long days, New Zealand’s summer, spring and fall are all popular months to visit and escape the cooler northern hemisphere temperatures. Read more about Best Time to Visit New Zealand.

Now you know why this is the perfect destination for your next trip and why it should move to the top of your bucket list. Here are two easy steps to get you ready for your trip:

1. Sign up for our newsletter (below) to keep learning about this amazing destination.

2. Get in touch with a Travel Advisor at Active Downunder to get planning now!

We’re New Zealand travel specialists, it’s what we know and what we do.

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